Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Wanna Be Free!

I Wanna Be Free!
A Poem by Alraune

I'm sick of working myself to exhaustion for scraps
I'm sick of it having to be this way
This is not my game, this is someone else's game
I no longer want to play, I no longer will play

To hell with your games and your television and your phones
To hell with your gizmos and gadgets and your worthless devices
To hell with your running water and to hell with your civilization!

Take my “choices” and stick them where the Sun don't shine
Take all your rules and do the same
I have one rule, one law, which is love
Your world does not love, it is incapable of love
This world can't be fixed, it doesn't want to be “fixed”
I don't want to change your world – I'll change mine

Look at them, just look at the people
They are dying, they are dead – you've killed them
The cancers and poisons and stress
Your world did this to them all
Your world, the one you support
The world I am trying so desperately hard to not support

If this is progress I want out, I am out
I will walk away, I am walking away
We don't need to fight your fight and play your game
We can all walk away and watch it fall

That is why the world hates those who hate it...
If we all walked away it would die, and it knows it
We don't need it, all we need is love and what Great Spirit gave us freely
We don't need money and laws of exchange
And damn it! I will prove it.

REVOLUTION! I am on strike against the whole damned system
If it ain't free like me, then I don't want it
I don't give up, I quite the game I recognize is stacked against me
I rebuke the bondage, the slavery, the killing – I rebuke it all

REVOLUTION! I rebuke this gross sin against humanity and life
This civilization doesn't help people or the world – it destroys it
I will not fight it, I will merely walk away, and run if it chases me
Damn every one of you who loves it, you are a curse upon yourself

REVOLUTION! What comes around goes around
All things rise from the dust and it is to dust which all things return
I do not fear quiting the game – I fear a world without love
Damn those who love this world and so hate me, but know it not

Free. What is it to be free?
There is no free if money is required
There is no freedom if we play this game
If you want to be free you have to quit
You must despise this world – this civil-i-zation

It's an idea – just walk away
Ideas cannot be killed or imprisoned
Plan, prepare, learn, and walk away
None of us need it – all we need is love and Mother Nature
All we need is love

This world will try to hold you hostage through those you love
This world holds people hostage through those they love
Don't let it! Find out and help them find out
Let everyone find out on their own which they love more: freedom or the bondage of this world
Let everyone find out if they are really loved – do not fear what you may find
Does love require money? Is love truly free?

Freedom from within breeds freedom from without
I have seen the light! I see the way
You can't kill an idea
Freedom most certainly is free...