Monday, July 8, 2013

The Last 37 Days

The past thirty-seven days have been some of the greatest days in my life and the most fun I have had in a very long time. It all began sometime in April when I just started, for some reason, to begin heavily flirting with several women at work. By May the flirting with a certain coworker (Jen - the only female on my team) had grown to almost downright sexual harassment (on both ends). Then for some reason or the other in the last week of May, I just stayed in the parking lot after work talking to Jen.

We had an hour and a half long discussion about relationships and near the end of the conversation I invited her to go camping with me. The following day she came to work and told me she accepted the invitation, but she thought I meant that weekend (which I did not intend), so I finagled a quick camping permit and it was a date! I got her number and the rest is history.

We met in the parking lot of Giant on the morning of June 1st just after 10 am. I was supposed to be there by ten o'clock, but I nearly lost the camping permit and arrived late after doing a whole house search (it was behind my bookshelf).

When I arrived Jen got out of her car and she looked absolutely beautiful to me. She was dressed nice, but campy and we quickly tossed all of our stuff together in her car (which was bigger than mine) and then headed into Giant for food and other supplies. By about noon we arrived at the designated camping spot on Shade Mountain.

We set-up camp together and then just lounged around and talked for nine hours about everything, and we told life stories and all kinds of stories. It was one of the most pleasant and open conversations I have ever had. By 9pm we were lying on a blanket under the stars and then, just as I was working towards it, she kissed me. Before long the clothes were off and we were pleasing one another in just about every way imaginable. Certainly, we both wanted sex, but that long conversation had done something more, and anyone who has ever been with me knows that long conversations are my way. I try to build relationships on a psychological and emotional level beside any sexual relationship.

The rest of our time at camp would be one of total nudity. I guess we were both psychologically and emotionally nude, so we figured “what the hell.” We talked into the early morning hours, pleased one another again, and then fell asleep to the sounds of the forest. The next day we got up, broke camp and left, but June 1st thru June 2nd will forever be a big deal to me.

The rest of June we would not go a single twenty-four hours without either talking to one another on the phone or being together. We went for coffee nearly every night after work, drove around and explored on our days off, and I even went to Bingo with her and her mother and won them nearly $150!

We drove to a campsite out Spruce Run that I had scouted and planned to camp at prior to ever dating Jen, and we planned a week long camping trip there from June 18th to June 24th. We left for the campsite directly from work at 1am on the 18th, drove to Milmont to get the permit, and arrived at the campsite just as the sun was rising (we tend to always be together when the sun rises).

We did everything together that week: we talked together; we cooked together; we ate together; we washed clothes together; did camp chores together; bathed together; slept together; started fires together; played games together; acted goofy and crazy together, and generally had a blast just being together. We found out that we could spend one hundred and forty-four hours together and not once get irritated, annoyed or upset with the other; that we were more alike than anything, and we both had the same or similar ideas. It was the best Summer Solstice ever and a very magical moment for us both!

We went skinny-dipping in the nearby stream, made love every night, and even made love under the light of the Full Moon (a Super Moon). It was a real relationship builder – I have always thought camping to be the perfect way to both build a relationship and see any strengths, weaknesses, or faults. Everything was actually perfect!

We left just before noon on the 24th and I headed home to get ready for work later that day. Since then it has been a lot of demand from our employer, but we've still managed to find time for one another every single day and night.

I don't know if it is going to last, but I can honestly say I want it too. I do not want "us" to ever parish, but I'm not going to allow myself to be destroyed if we do not last – I will see our relationship as it is: Perfect in our time and place. I have hopes because there is so much there, so much in common, and so much that just fits perfectly.

I've always liked the name Jen (her family has a thing for 'J' names just like my family) and for some reason my life at the age of thirty-seven (I always saw it as special). She's not a real girly-type girl, more of a Tomboy (the way I like them), but she is both physically and mentally attractive.

She has no children and cannot have them unless a miracle of science occurs (she had really aggressive cervical cancer nearly ten years ago), but I am okay with this and she knows this. She has auburn hair, a great smile, an awesome laugh, a nice butt, and probably the largest breasts I've ever had the pleasure of snuggling (36 DDD) – sorry, I'm a T & A kinda of guy. She is intelligent, emotionally mature, spiritual, highly sexual, a great cook, family-oriented, communicative, strong-headed, and considerate. To top it all off she enjoys the same kind of sex I do and she is also bisexual.

We are a Scorpio and a Sagittarius roaming through the world together, making our movie. She is good with fire and I am comfortable amidst the water. We were born twenty-one days apart in the same year, same season, and same month, and we were both born on the same day of the week – Friday, Freya's Day. We were both born at night (me at 6:26 pm and her at 8:06 pm). She was born between the New Moon and the First Quarter and I was born between the Last Quarter Moon and the New Moon, with a Total Lunar Eclipse ocurring between us (eleven days after her arrival and ten days prior to my entrance into the world), and I wouldn't be one bit surprised to find the eclipse was precisely mid-way at 10 ½ days – I really wouldn't...we fit so perfect it is actually kinda freaky.

I could go on about Jen forever, but I wanted to record this stuff for posterity. This time means something to me, we both needed it, and I am happy that it has happened and is happening. The God/dess is good.

Peace, Love & Happiness.