Thursday, February 14, 2013

Planned Intentional Migratory Communities – What The World Needs

Sometimes what I think I am looking for is a planned intentional migratory community; that is, a group of people who believe in self-sufficiency, minimalism, individual liberty, and some form of primitivism. A small group of individuals who migrate about a certain region living a primitivist or somewhat primitivist life-style.

Personally, I would just like to travel, experience various things, meet new and interesting people, and live on and with the land in as much harmony with it as possible. Yes! I intend to have fun along the way, after all, what is life's experience if it is all serious business?

I'd like to master learning animal tracks and sign, and become an expert in plant and mushroom identification, foraging, preparation, use (both edible and medicinal), and storage. I'd like to learn to pan for gold and find gemstones. I'd like to make crafts (I like to work with wood) and sell them at festivals. I'd like to write, create artwork, and investigate unusual places and things. I'd like to explore the metaphysical as well as the physical!

I want to do all of that as freely as possible, and I guess a sort of planned intentional migratory family or tribe is the very best way I can conceive of it taking place.

This migratory community would ideally live in harmony with the cycles of the environment and seek self-sufficiency, but live in a close enough relationship with technological society to exert a positive influence upon it. It would have a neopagan worldview and a primitivist-type ethnicity combined with a nomadic economy and the all-encompassing encouragement of individualistic creativity and expression. It would be a ragged-tagged band of individualists in an open-relational family who share a common ideological bond in “back to nature”-ism.

This family would not judge one another for being different, but only judge one another based on what effects one's actions have on another. They would be open-minded and not need to have their viewpoint confirmed or accepted, and they would be all about succeeding in self-sufficiency and helping others to do the same. They would be interested in giving or at least giving back what they take, and for this reason they would want to stay somewhat attached to the technological society in order to give everyone in their world a gift and the experience of an individualist in harmony with a collective environment. This family would provide the world with art, holistic medicine, written and verbal knowledge, and the preservation of nonindustrial cultural skills and knowledge.

Such a community would consist of individuals who quit or who are learning to quit the failed system which is the materialistic society, and they would seek to serve as tutors and examples for those masses of people who don't quite know how to quit the system or recognize the broken system from whence their disharmony and dissatisfaction arises.

In order for such a community to survive it would only have to have a few basic principles:

Free love – means one practices hospitality and really shows care for all living things, and love is given freely and expressed freely to all who are capable of and willing to receive such affection.

Individual choice – this entails the encouragement of individual expression, interests, and actions.

Self-sufficiency – this means the encouragement of a non-standardized education and the acquiring of necessary primitive life skills.

Harmonious interaction – which requires the constant striving to live in balance with all of existence while seeking to have the maximum amount of experiences/interactions in the least intrusive manner possible.

I believe such communities can work and would work if the four basic principles presented were within the core ideologies of each individual in each group. Once more, I think those ideologies come natural to all human beings and should therefore not fail unless corrupted by the foundational sins of a materialistic society (eg. greed, murder, hatred, domination, and neglect).

What would get such communities started? Simple. The adequate promotion of international, national, regional, and local open-invitation primitivism gatherings. The very best way to get something of the sort going is by creating a network from which it might blossom. I believe this was the actual intention underscoring the creation of such social events as Rainbow Gatherings and Wild Roots Feral Futures.

Alas! I do long for such a thing. Perhaps I should attend one of the two aforementioned temporary intentional communities wearing a t-shirt stating, “Wild Nomadic Individual Seeking Wild Nomadic Family”? You know, that might not be a bad idea!


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