Sunday, July 16, 2017

Time Changes Things

Its been quite awhile since I last posted to the Hippie Road Trip, and my how time changes things! This past March I put a down payment on 2.5 acres of undeveloped forest land in Dent County, Missouri. I am purchasing the land through an owner-financed lease/purchase agreement. It will take Jennelle and I approximately 7 years to pay the land in full. The company we are purchasing the land through–for those who may be interested–is Homestead Crossing Inc. I assure you, for what it is worth, that they are a legitimate organization.

Here are some pictures of the land we purchased. As you can see the land is truly undeveloped and perhaps has never been developed in any way – just the way we wanted it!

The land is truly undeveloped. There is no water nor well; there is electricity run to the land but not installed; there are no structures; it is overgrown and filled with brush and trees and rocks; and there is not even a location upon which to park a vehicle without some sort of clearing work. It will truly be a major operation for us to make the land fit to live upon and grow/raise our own food, but we shall do it! There are no building restrictions and there is no zoning, if we should desire we could build a tree house or hobbit home to live in, and we just might! With wilderness there comes an enormous price, but there also comes enormous opportunity. We can essentially do what we desire, which is a large mark of freedom. Who could ever wish to live without that? And who would desire land if they could not have that?

Jennelle and I intend to move onto the land during the fall of 2018, if all goes well. We have also started a GoFundMe Campaign in order to raise financial support for the transition and move. If you are interested in helping in any way, your support will be greatly appreciated. Every dollar counts, do not think you can give too little. And every little bit of support will grant you our gratitude, respect, and thanks. You may donate to our Dream here:

We will be building a small homestead on our meager acreage, but this does not mean the Hippie Road Trip dream is dead! This is just one of the many ways I had originally conceived of living that dream. It can be done as a nomad or with a home base – it just so happens that the home base approach reared its head before any other. We will be purchasing a camper (or a used school bus) to live out of as we build our homestead which can then be used to allow us to travel about and live our free and loving life. Perhaps we will purchase more land in other locations as way-points during our travels? I do not know where the Great Spirit will lead us on this journey, but I am certain we will find happiness and resolve.

Until next time: peace, love, and happiness to you all!


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