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Good Times, Bad Times

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Good Times, Bad Times
By Alraune

Today, I was checking up on how my very good friend Hippiechick79 was doing over at her new blog: Life In a Lost and Found, and I got to reading her latest post on December 22, 2011 – you really should head over and check her writing out, she is very articulate and a very creative woman – where she very eloquently and succinctly explained what I think is on the minds of many like-minded people these days – peace of mind. So, I became inspired and decided that today I was going to allow some of my thoughts to flow rather than trying to write my typical encyclopedic articles. Besides, I'm chilling and listening to some Rusted Root and sipping on concord grape wine, so my mood is very lax.

This is Hippiechick79's first attempt at a blog, as she decided she wanted to give blogging a try, and I think she is going to do great if she sticks with it. She is a very talented writer, and I never had the privilege of knowing that before now, so I truly do hope she sticks with it.

So, what was it that inspired me besides the very descriptive and tantalizing account she gave of a dancing woman at a hippie festival? Optimism and outlook. She really hit home with me!

Optimism and a beautiful outlook on the future sounds about right for now, as it just brings a smile to my face and makes me want to jam a little. Nothing like a little Cassidy from the Grateful Dead, then I think I'll kick on a little John Mayer – Wheel. After all, Hippiechick79's description of good times makes me think of such things.

Sure, good times come with the bad, but isn't that just a part of life? Would it be better without both? I don't think so. I think one of the things that makes life so exciting and so worthy of the gift that it is, is that it is like a roller coaster with its ups and its downs. If life were just a series of ups, then it would probably be like a drug where it took more and more just to make one little up seem better than the last – that's not living, that's jonesing.

Life is a wheel. Everything in our lives declare the truth of that statement. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. The summer fades, the winter comes. The moon goes through her phases, and we each celebrate another year of birth every single year of our lives. You can't love one part of it too much, as all of it is ours, and it all comes back around.

That's why the love and the peace you offer others is so important. You get back what you give – the good and the bad. Does that mean that if you are a very nice person and you give lots of love you'll never suffer? No! You still have the normal ups and downs, but what you give out does come back and it compounds on what you were going to get already. Your attitude also affects the way you perceive what exactly you are getting, as we all tend to attract “like” things.

So, if you are an ass who likes to evoke conflict and pick fights, then you are going to attract and be attracted to conflicts, fights and issues in your own life. Does that mean you will never experience conflicts or fights if you are a peaceful man or woman? No! But it does mean you will not unnecessarily compound normal life issues with more conflicts and fights that you drew to yourself or created via your attitude.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am a realistic kind of guy and I'm not saying that attitude is everything – because it is not, but I am saying it is 90% of it! If you love others, you get back love. I think so anyway. As John Mayer says, “I believe that my life's going to see the love I give return to me. I believe...” Well, it's not just a belief, in my opinion, it is a fact of reality. You get back what you give, in equal parts, as energy can be neither created nor destroyed – you get precisely what you give, in the end.

Some of you might think that that just sounds like a beautiful and comforting thought, but you laugh it off. Why? Do you know what “the end” means? Do you really know that one person did more evil or good in their life and got the other? Do you know what their intentions were, as intention is part of attitude? Have you never seen a force produce an equal and opposite force? Sure you have! If an axe strikes a tree it takes a chunk out of the tree. Equal force, equal reaction. If the tree dies, then it no longer converts carbon dioxide to oxygen and participates in the nitrogen cycle to provide for your life – taking its life takes away a piece of your's. You get precisely what you gave – you take, you lose – you give, you get.

So where am I going with this? Hippiechick79 was looking to the future with the knowledge and the hope that her down period was going to be followed by an up period, and that all things come around again. That's the sort of attitude we all need to have! That's the way this wheel works, so there is no reason to be too down for too long, 'cause we'll have equal up time, in the end.

Peace. Alraune.

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