Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nomadic Hippie: Migratory Living

Nomadic Hippie: Migratory Living
By Alraune

I intend to create a migratory plan for the future. My idea is that of three stages of migratory plans with several plans for each stage. There will be a foot or hiking migratory plan, a cycling plan, and a vehicular migratory plan. This way, I have many options and several plans to fall back upon depending on what the future holds.

The idea behind all of this is to follow the fruit seasons for food and medicine, which consequently also tend to follow the hippie festivals. Afterall, the concept here is to live free and simple and have as much fun as possible, as I believe the purpose of this life is purely to have as many positive experiences as possible in the least intrusive manner as possible.

The foot or hiking plan will likely consist of the Pennsylvania Mid State Trail, some sort of trail network that leads around Pennsylvania, the Appalachian Trail, the American Discovery Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and basically any long distance trail network that easily provides for a migratory pattern on foot. For this, as with all potential migratory patterns, I will likely require a lot of maps and research, which is right up my alley.

The cycling migratory plan is intended to serve as a secondary means of transportation and will likely follow the vehicular plan with perhaps a few discrepancies, as mountain biking is allowed on some hiking trails. In all honesty, the cycling plan is primarily intended to be a backup for any vehicle problems that went horribly wrong.

The vehicluar plan will perhaps be the most exiciting as I intend to plot several courses across the United States (and maybe also Canada and Mexico), with at least four tighter loops incase I become interested in a particular region which I like to hang out in, in which case I will have a plan for living in and migrating through that particular region on a yearly basis.

It is my hope that with these prelimenary plans I can develop some very well thought-out migratory plans which will enable me to live free, simple, and mobile, in such a way as to promote peace, happiness, independence, and a minimalistic life which is attuned to the cycles of the earth.

The three stage migratory plan is not necessary, but it gives me peace of mind in knowing that I will have so many options to fall back upon, and it will allow me to transport a bicycle and hiking equipment in the vehicle, which, if it becomes permanently disabled, will then afford me the opportunity to travel via bicycle, and then on foot if necessary or desired. Such a plan will greatly reduce the chances that I will be stranded anywhere against my will without requiring any dependence on the "system", particularly economic dependence.

It will probably take me some time to create these plans, but it is something I intend to work on a little here and there for some time throughout the near future. The great thing about this multi-stage plan is that since ideas and plans can change, it is highly adaptible, and I am not stuck following any one plan. In fact, if I decide in the future I'd prefer to stay closer to home, it would be absolutely no problem, nor would it be a problem if I decided otherwise, and most certainly it would be no problem if I decided a long-term trip was not feasible. It is pretty much a migratory plan that covers any option I might decide to take – so it works.

Flexible is good!

Peace. Alraune.

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