Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fire and Water (a poem)

The Fire that Burns the Water
by Alraune

They always said we were never meant to be,
that your floods would wash all over me.
They said you would wash all I care for away,
that all I ever loved could no longer stay.

They knew of what they spoke,
but far they were from the essence of your yoke.
They had some idea of what they said,
but they had never been inside your head.

You drowned me, yes you did!
You took all of me away and made it hid.
You hurt me bad, girl.
You destroyed my being.
You devastated everything.

But I set fire to your watery waste.
I boiled you to flames in all haste.
I evaporated you from my being.
In my soul you are no longer seen.

My flames burned you away,
you are vapor and that is where you will stay.
Your waters are powerless against my flame,
you are gone, your vapor is all that can remain.

I am a fire with which you cannot compete,
I am the lightning which flows down,
from places even you cannot creep.
I am the fire of being..yeah, I am everything!

Yeah, I am everything!
I set fire to your watery waste.
I'll burn forever.
Feel me, but never taste.

I set fire to your watery ways,
Even the oceans cannot stay.
I consume you with all my being,
Only hope can be seen.

Yes, only hope can be seen!

Like a flash of ligthning,
I scorch across the sky.
I set fire to the rain!
Watch it burn and die.

POOF! You are gone.
You and I are gone!

Some fires can never be quenched...

So mote it be!

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