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Friday November 28. 1975 - A Primer

November 28, 1975

If you were born on Friday November 28, 1975 as someone very near and dear and extremely close to myself is, then I thought you might be interested in some of the information I acquired doing a little research on this magnificent date of birth. After all, if there is anything to all the hocus pocus of like-being-like, then individuals born on this day must share quite a few similarities on many different levels, right? Individuals born on November 28th are a club of their own, but if you were born on Friday November 28, 1975, then you are part of a very select group of individuals.

What does this have to do with this blog, you ask? Well, I guess it is an entertaining post revolving around the idea of “knowing yourself” in relation to the magic of the universe, which ultimately has a lot to do with personal freedom and happiness.

First and foremost, you were likely conceived (unless born prematurely or extremely late) sometime within the one month time frame of February 7, 1975 and March 7, 1975 with the latter date, give or take a week, being the most probable date of conception. If such lucky individuals were conceived on March 7, 1975, it means not only that they were conceived on the 66th day of the year, but they were also born on the 66th day of Autumn of that year (the Equinox was on September 23). Isn't that cool?

Such individuals were born on the 332nd day of the year, with 33 days remaining in the year 1975 – there's a lot of double digits involved in the birth of individuals born on November 28, 1975, specifically 11, 33, and 66. Alas, even 1975 when added equals 22 in numerology.

You were born on a Friday, which is sacred to the goddesses Freya and Venus, and the god Freyr (and their equivalent gods and goddesses). It was a Waning Moon (give or take a day or two), and the planetary ruler of your day of birth was Venus – the goddess of Love. Ultimately you were born in a season of waning, during a moon of waning, and on a waning day of the week.

You were likely conceived with the Sun in Pisces. You were also born with the Sun in the constellation of Sagittarius, which makes you what? Awesome! Your modern birthstone is topaz and your ancient mystical birthstone would be pearl. Also, you might have a preference for the color blue, as it is your birth color.

You were born in the Chinese year of the Rabbit or Hare, which if you know anything about totems may say a lot about your personality, and your element, in the Chinese system is wood, with fire being your western elemental ruler.

Your planetary ruler is Jupiter, which is the ruler of the gods. You were also born ten days after a total lunar eclipse which occurred on November 18th!

Nothing particularly amazing happened on your day of birth, that I was able to find, but all the historical information mentioned does indicate that East Timor declared independence from Portugal on your date of birth, if that means anything.

Some notable people born on your exact day of birth in 1975 were: Eka Kurniawan, an Indonesian author, Park Sung-Bae, a Korean football player, Takashi Shimoda, a Japanese football player, Sunny Mabrey, an American actress, Maurissa Tancharoen, an American actress, Anna Crilly, an English actress and comedian, Penelope Corrin, a Canadian actress, Sigurd Wongraven, a Norwegian musician (in the band Satyricon), Muhammed Suiรงmez, a German musician (in the band Necrophagist), and Jenny Klinge, a Norwegian politician. In fact, looking at history it appears that one born on this day may very well be talented at sports, acting, and politics to one degree or another. Other interesting people born on this date (but not the same year) include the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I of Komnenos, the king of Spain Alfonso XII, John Bunyon, William Blake, Friedrich Engels, Jon Stewart, and Anna Nichole Smith.

In the United States, the top songs were “Fly Robin, Fly” by Silver Convention and “That's the Way (I like It)” by KC and the Sunshine Band. The top movies were “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest” and “Dog Day Afternoon”.

In any event, there you have it – some information for those born on November 28, 1975! BTW, if you happen to have been born on this exact date please drop me a line and say "hi!", and by all means, let's experiment and see if there is anything to be said for astrological dates and times and personalities!



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