Monday, June 2, 2014

25 Famous Bisexual People

Sometimes one can feel more comfortable being their self if they are sure they are not alone in how they feel, act, and behave. I am bisexual, as are many individuals in this world, but it can often seem to be a lonely or confusing state – an inbetween state even. Here is a list of fifty bisexual people (12 men and 13 women) to make you more comfortable, as I am, in your sexuality and sexual identity:

  1. Hans Christian Andersen (4/2/1805-8/4/1875) – writer
  2. Billie Joe Armstrong (born 2/17/1972) – singer, Green Day
  3. Drew Barrymore (born 2/22/1975) – actress
  4. David Bowie (born 1/8/1947) – musician
  5. Marlon Brando (4/3/1924-7/1/2004) – actor
  6. William S. Burroughs (2/5/1914-8/2/1997) – writer
  7. Margaret Cho (born 12/5/1968) – American Comedian
  8. Joan Crawford (3/23/1904-5/10/1977) -actress
  9. Aleister Crowley (10/12/1875-12/1/1947) – famous occultist
  10. Sammy Davis, Jr. (12/8/1925-5/16/1990) – entertainer
  11. James Dean (2/8/1931-9/30/1955) – American actor
  12. Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) (born 3/27/1975) – singer, Black-eyed Peas
  13. Megan Fox (born 5/16/1986) – American actress
  14. Lady Gaga (born 3/28/1986) – singer
  15. Nathaniel Hawthorne (7/4/1804-5/19/1864) – writer
  16. Katharine Hepburn (5/12/1907-6/29/2003) – American actress
  17. Angelina Jolie (born 6/4/1975) – American actress
  18. Janis Joplin (1/19/1943-10/4/1970) – singer, Big Brother and the Holding Company
  19. Alfred Kinsey (6/23/1894-8/25/1956) – biologist and sexologist
  20. Calvin Klein (born11/19/1942) – fashion designer
  21. Lindsay Lohan (7/2/1986) – American actress
  22. Freddie Mercury (9/5/1946-11/24/1991) – singer, Queen
  23. Nicki Minaj (12/8/1983) – singer
  24. P!nk (born 9/8/1979) – singer
  25. Anna Nichole Smith (born 11/281967-2/8/2007) – actress

Being "bi" does not mean you are secretly homosexual or that you are somehow unable to choose your sexuality and sexual preference. It simply means that you prefer the company and companionship of both genders and that you are sexually attracted to both men and women. Most bisexuals prefer one gender more often than the other, but bisexuals such as myself, may also prefer both genders equally. How much one prefers one gender over the other may change over the course of the individual's lifetime, but that does not mean the individual is confused or in some sort of denial – it merely means that people change. Many bisexuals are in a constant state of flux, while others, such as myself, remain largely unchanged in their preferences.

For more information on bisexuality I suggest that you visit the Bisexual Center or go to, or you may find support through the LGBT.




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