Saturday, March 28, 2015

Back to the Roadtrip

I have enough knowledge about blogging to know what I should do here. I should write five hundred words or more, be specific, use keywords, and stick to a certain point, but most of the time I don't even give a damn. I really don't care. I just want to be me and damn the potential extra income from a secondary source that places advertisements in my blogs based on keywords and such.

You don't necessarily always want that, and neither do I!

I've been way off base lately and I could write a book, but why? What will it do for you? Ninety-percent of what I write is for someone else and not merely me! This is how I feel and have always felt...

It is nice to make a little extra money blogging, but to me writing what you feel is much more important, and it is what the "people" want anyway. If they "feel" what you are saying and it relates to an advertisement so they click on it and that "feeling" makes them "feel" they should buy it so you get a cut of the money, then so be it; otherwise, I don't care. I get how stuff works, but I really just want to be me!

This blog is about being me. I have been off base and I am not going to stay specific or use certain keywords. I've been on a vacation of the mind, soul, and body. There are no keywords to explain that! I simply needed to escape and it is time to come back around to the way I usually am. I guess I needed to go back into the Matrix for awhile to realize I still love certain parts of it, but I truly do not love it.

I am damn close to hating the Matrix, but I see something there... I am not a luddite, but I ought to be! I am a walking contradiction. I am not confused, merely at odds to my supposed choices of extremes. Could any more be expected from a guy who wants balance and harmony in all things?

So. here I am. I am back again! I have ideas and I am alive. Am I wrong somehow?



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