Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Hear Adam Kokesh

I know nothing about this guy, but I do know that my Great Uncle died in WWII, my uncle served in the Korean War, my dad volunteered for the Air Force during the Vietnam War, my cousin was in Libya with the Marines, my other cousin is still a recruiter for the Marines, and my brother served in the Air Force during 9/11.  Let this man speak!  I don't give a damn if he is wrong or ignorant, LET HIM SPEAK!  Otherwise, what the Hell were any of my family doing?

What did this guy do wrong to be arrested?  Tell me...and I might shut up, but it better be really good, 'cause his history gives him quite a bit of room to speak, in my opinion.  Besides that,. the Constitution gives us all a right to speak - so what did this guy do wrong?

I don't really understand what this man did wrong, but I do know that as an American citizen he should have the RIGHT to speak and express himself!  I don't give a damn if I like his opinions or if anyone else does - that is what rights are made for.

Frankly, my feeling is that if we are going to make veterans heroes, then we should do so all the way, and not just when the media or gooberment says!

I think we ALL need to know "what" this guy did, "where" he is, "what" it will take to make him free, and "how" he got there.  If we do not look after our soldiers then who do we look after?  What is this all about?

At this point, no one even knows where this guy is...  What's up with that, and why are We letting it happen?



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