Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Plan as it Stands

I cannot set my daughter up for life – it ain't happening unless I get real lucky or work something out in the future, so that is OUT. The best I can do is make sure she does not have to pay for my burial and monument, one day – I hope to remedy this.

Otherwise, I will continue to find as many ways as possible to make passive income and forms of direct income I find desirable.

I am still on to the idea of a converted van/bus (specifically if I wish to stay in the area during winter), but I am thinking of a motorcycle as well. Originally my idea for a back-up was a bicycle, but I am now thinking motorcycle.

In either event, I will try to start attending more free concerts and more pagan festivals, which are local. I may even try to get involved with local pagans/heathens. The time is nearing and I am more concerned than ever about my potential choices.

Owning land is still not out (I am open to all possibilities), but it is a long shot and therefore, not anywhere near my high priority list in planning, but it is always an option. I am focusing much more on migration though, because even if I do own land, I will likely travel quite often – the land would ultimately be for my daughter and the public (in my mind).

I don't just want freedom, I want to show others how to attain it, if I am successful, or even near successful. Nothing is always all about me. I am merely struggling for a way to be free, live free, and teach freedom as I found it.

I need to know myself, my skills, my geographic resources, and make as many relationships as possible – this is the key, in my mind. I despise work, but it is an almost inevitable statistical fact, so it is more about what I want than IF I will do this thing or that.

I am also lonely, but I do not need to look to the past or any particular “preconceived notion” to remedy this – I just need be myself and “try” to interact with others. I've done it many times before and it has worked – being myself is always best. Even if I am getting older I must remember that I am still as desirable as I was, just older and therefore more appealing to the older and more mature, just as I was in my youth.

My loneliness is mostly my fault – taking way too much time off for myself, but I needed too. I have taken the time to know myself, which makes me much more stable for another, even if my ways are much less than stable – it is something.

So, I am still on track, with minor adjustments, and willing to open up a bit more, to make some relationships and see what happens.

The road is long with many winding turns, but a sound mind, a decent spirit, and a good map and compass (plan), make for an excellent adventure.



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